Overtone dereted loudspeaker

Hermann Papst developed several concepts for the sound improvement of loudspeakers. His most successful idea was a loudspeaker that included a constantly changing air gap in its magnet system.
This overtone dereted loudspeaker brought a considerable sound improvement and could be used in mass application for the so called “Volksempfänger” (tabletop radio during the 1930s and 40’s). German Patent Nr. 630970 of the 5th of Nov. 1940.


Another one of his loudspeaker principles included a voice coil with a membrane arranged in a ring beam field and supported free of a reset force by a so-called rolled coil- German Patent Nr. 763 939 on the 31st of January 1937.

He invested a lot of time in experiments and in the assembly of the prototypes for this concept. He developed a support set up to fuse the reset force free, ring shaped closed wire coil in a way that an elegant, small, utmost precise mechanical part was created.

The War prevented a further exploitation of this invention; after 1945 Hermann Papst focused on other priorities.

A large number of additional ideas for the improvement of Loudspeakers prove the inventor’s passionate search for better solutions. The royalties he received through the community of interests for broadcasting rights (IGR) for the loudspeaker used in the “Volksempfänger”, created the financial basis for the founding of his Engineering’ Shop.